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A Blueprint for Collaborative Lawmaking

If you have been following our work you will know that “Something unique happened in Minnesota this year.” This month the Interdisciplinary Journal for Partnership Studies (IJPS) published “A Blueprint for Collaborative Lawmaking” by Miki Kashtan about the system she used to bring people together in that dispute in the Minnesota legislature. It contains more vignettes of how the process worked, that […]

MN Rep.: “Something unique happened in Minnesota this year”

    Here’s another article exploring the results of our collaborative lawmaking project in Minnesota House Rep. Carolyn Laine writes  in the St. Paul Pioneer Press: Our substantial and cohesive family law changes are unique in the nation. Our process of working them out together from shared principles is unique in the nation. Uniquely and […]

Statehouse Stalemate? Call a Mediator

    Two statehouse opponents describe how a facilitator from the Center for Efficient Collaboration helped them co-author landmark legislation. Click here to read our case study of the process. This article was originally published in Governing magazine, September 11, 2015, by Carolyn Laine and Tim Mahoney.  “Why can’t you politicians get along?” That’s a question you usually hear while knocking on doors as a state legislator. But […]