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Collaboration, the way to go

Miki Kashtan writes in the magazine One India One People:  The scope of global problems, the increased challenges to sustainability, the growing heterogeneity of groups and teams, and the unprecedented access to information through the internet are all rendering centralised, command-and-control approaches ineffective. Collaboration is emerging as an attractive alternative because it increases flexibility and […]

Aim for Taste: Collaboration in the Restaurant Business

John and Jane (fictitious names), brother and sister, run a hotel in a small tourist town, featuring farm-to-table organic food and a commitment to environmental considerations entirely unfamiliar in their region. They’ve been aiming for some time to move away from top-down decision-making and shift toward a more collaborative culture. Because of distance and budget, […]

Strengthening Collaboration through Encouraging Dissent

Crossposted at The Fearless Heart. The first time I heard that groups thrive on dissent, I didn’t like the idea. It came up in conversations with Tom Atlee of the Co-Intelligence Institute, back in the mid-1990s. Tom was clear, based on his experience in activist movements and especially on a cross-country peace march, that dissent […]

What’s Tenderness Got to Do with Efficiency?

Some twenty years ago, I came across a phrase – “the taboo on tenderness” – coined by a not very well known early psychoanalyst, Ian Suttie, in his book The Origins of Love and Hate, published in 1935. Although I didn’t find the book particularly aligned with my approach, the phrase stuck with me. I […]