Want to make collaborative decisions without sacrificing productivity?

Unproductive meetings are among the worst drains on an organization’s resources. Other meeting facilitation courses do an excellent job of teaching participants how to set an agenda, brainstorm, prioritize, and end a meeting on time. What they don’t address is the underlying reasons most meetings aren’t productive: there isn’t enough trust in the room for people to voice their real concerns, conflicts aren’t addressed to anyone’s satisfaction, and people say they’re willing to compromise in the meeting and then sabotage the decision later on.

The Solution

There’s a better way to run a meeting, and you can learn how by attending the workshop Convergent Facilitation: Making Efficient, Collaborative Decisions. You’ll learn a three-phase decision-making framework that can be used:

  • Throughout the lifecycle of a long-term project
  • To break through a bottleneck
  • To reach a quick decision

This practical workshop shows busy leaders, project managers, and individual contributors how to build trust, transcend conflict, and make collaborative decisions in meetings without sacrificing productivity. Ample breakout activities and coached role-plays will prepare you to begin using Convergent Facilitation for decision-making as soon as you return to work.

Three Main Objectives

When you learn the Convergent Facilitation framework, you come away with:

  • A practical, step-by-step process for discovering breakthrough solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable
  • A strategy that helps participants transcend conflicts, stretch beyond their initial positions, and embrace a decision that attends to all the needs present in the group.
  • Many ways to keep a meeting moving forward without leaving anyone behind

Convergent Facilitation in Action

Get a glimpse of how this tool works in real life:

  • The New York Times article by the CEC’s Miki Kashtan covers key principles and techniques taught in the workshop.
  • Our case study from the Minnesota state legislature describes the Convergent Facilitation process start to finish and shows how it transformed a fiercely contentious policy debate.

Time Commitment

1–3 days

Number of Participants



To learn more or book a training for your organization, please contact our Director of Organizational Services, at info@efficientcollaboration.org, 415-754-3065.