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Collaboration tool spotlight:

Convergent Facilitation

Convergent Facilitation is a tool for efficient, collaborative decision-making that we’ve been developing since 2004. The process lays the cornerstones of a productive meeting:

  • Building enough trust in the room for people to voice their real concerns
  • Transforming disagreement about positions into agreement about principles, so the group can focus on problem-solving together
  • Attending to everyone’s needs and concerns, which gives people room to stretch, shift, adapt, and even advocate for others
  • Encouraging honesty while crafting agreements, so no one says they’re willing to compromise and then sabotages the decision later.

Convergent Facilitation generates decisions that stick because they have everyone’s wholehearted support. It works for quick emergency response, long-term team projects, ad-hoc task forces, and even highly polarized groups, like the longtime political enemies who recently used this process to pass landmark legislation in Minnesota. Read the case study.

Bringing it to your organization

We use Convergent Facilitation to run effective meetings, and we teach this process in custom staff trainings and public workshops. 

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Now, when I plan a meeting, I use Convergent Facilitation to guide how I shape my agenda so we get to outcomes that everyone can live with. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who has to engage a variety of stakeholders or consistently seek input from a team.

– Mary Oleksy, Associate Director of Joint & Dual Degree Programs, Stanford Graduate School of Business